Product Care



Your handcrafted Malene B carpet is beautiful, durable, and with proper care, will last a lifetime. We suggest weekly vacuuming and regular spot cleaning. In the event your carpet becomes heavily soiled, please contact a certified cleaning professional. Do not dry clean or use chemicals to clean the carpet, as it will cause fading.


Since it is a new carpet, shedding may occur from the shearing and tufting process. Please be assured, your rug is not unraveling. We suggest you vacuum your rug more often when its first received, and in a short while, the extra fluff will cease being produced. Use scissors to snip the ends of loose threads.


We only use the best fade-resistant dyes. Unfortunately, no dyes are totally stable or can fully compete against sunlight. We suggest rotating your carpet occasionally for even wear.


Padding provides extra cushion, stabilizes the carpet from moving, and absorbs excess moisture. For carpets placed in tropical climates or near seashores, we recommend padding and using a dehumidifier to limit moisture damage and retard mold.



For ongoing maintenance, clean regularly and mop with clear water or a neutral detergent. If necessary, buff tiles with a white pad.

It is important to remove abrasive grit that may cause wear. Sweeping or dust mopping regularly will protect your floor. The use of properly sized walk-off mats at entrances will also help.

Water spotting will be eliminated through an ongoing maintenance routine.Extremely heavy foot traffic may require additional maintenance. Periodic resealing may be necessary, depending on wear and use. A natural patina will occur as the floor wears and is properly maintained.

Do not use acidic cleaners. They will damage the tile.