#HERSTORY series with Elsa&Me

#HERSTORY series with Elsa&Me 0

I was featured on Elsa and Me, her story series.

On it, I discuss how my grandmother influenced my work.

  • Malene Barnett
Suriname Photo Gallery

Suriname Photo Gallery 0

Every year, I try to visit a new country, and I recently returned from Suriname, which is located in the northern part of South America. I really didn’t know much about the country except knowing a few people. It was a quick adventure that left me wanting to explore more. Check out the highlights on the blog. I was inspired by the textures and wanted to share a carpet design inspired by the trip. Visit @maleneblifestyle on Instagram to see more trip highlights.

Being Selfish: Homemade Sugar Scrub

Being Selfish: Homemade Sugar Scrub 0

This year I’m making an effort to address my addiction: sugar. Kicking addictive habits is never easy but I’m up for the challenge. First order of business, what do I do with all the extra sugar? I decided to look for a sugar scrub recipe instead of throwing away the bag. With this New York cold attacking my skin, a weekly sugar scrub will do the body good. Thanks to The idea room I found a simple recipe that combines two of my favorite scents, Cinnamon & Vanilla. That combination definitely reminds me of the Caribbean. Don’t forget to check your cupboard before you go shopping, you may already have all of the ingredients.

  • Malene Barnett